Premium Services


Premium services include basic services plus additional premium services listed below. Premium Services are available for $39.95 for an annual subscription with a FREE 30-day trial. Your card will not be charged until after the trial.

Candidate historical records that likely contain a new person to add to the tree
Hints with clickable title links. A hint is a historical record with significant possibility of matching the selected person.
Sources with titles and some with clickable links. A source is an attached historical record containing the selected person, in the opinion of the submitter.
Changes made by the user, either by adding or changing the record in FamilyTree
Possible duplicates. A possible duplicate is another person whose identity is similar to the selected person and may be the same person.
Available Ordinances. Accessible by LDS user accounts.
Search the chart for records containing (1) a name, place, or ID number and/or (2) a birth within a specified time period.
Hide or show a subtree. A subtree is a subset of the entire tree beginning with the selected person.

Read our Premium Services FAQ for specific questions about Premium Services.

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