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Descendants Viewer 6: Research Patterns in FamilyTree Collateral Lines.

The Puzzilla Descendants Viewer is a combination of free basic services plus subscription premium services that help researchers see descendants in FamilyTree using compact symbols that reveal patterns of incomplete research and other work in collateral-lines. Names and details appear as you move the pointer over the symbols. Premium Services, available by subscription, provide hints, sources, possible duplicates, incomplete ordinances, search and other functions to help evaluate the quality of the research in the tree and add evidence to make it stronger.

Puzzilla.org is a for-profit company that provides tools to help genealogical researchers.

The Puzzilla name refers to finding and assembling pieces of a puzzle to complete the whole picture, the essence of the genealogical research process.


Bill Harten: Descendants Viewer design, website design and coding, user interaction design, programming

Michael C. Harten: website design and coding, user interaction design

Rob Erickson: website design, user interaction design

Janice Allred Harten: user interaction design

Edward M. Reingold and John S Tilford: radial tree drawing algorithm (IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Vol. SE-7 No. 2, March 1981)

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